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Twisted sence of love

Twisted sence of love

What happened the first time I saw a woman naked.

The first time I saw you naked was not anything i imagined,
There was trust, there was intimacy
I was in da sane room.

I smiled as i undressed you,
I clam your nerves with the warm touch of my hand.
I kissed you, feeling her lips of the edge of my tounge.
I brushed my fingers over your laced bra.
I counted you ribs, felt her heart beat.

First time i saw a real woman naked,
I was not sitting in front of the computer.
She sway here body to please me and her.
The look in your eye, your kisses the touch of you made you feel powerful wanted by me.
I watched as this girl felt as a women
This girl who was not a filtered, customised, not ready made, fake.

I was not that man on the screen,
Bigger, rougher, made to take what was mine.
I unlearned the twisted sence of love,
I learned the definition of pleasure and intamacy.
Today i take a woe to be more than a voice an idea.

So i kill the idea of,
Entitlement that a lady is just a object.
I fell in love with you
A naked girl in my arms.

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